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Nick Morris

The Safety & Security Store is a retail store, located in Louisville, KY, offering a wide variety of products to protect you, your family and your business. It is a one-stop shop designed to meet your security needs.   Products are also available on the company’s Web Site:   www.SafetySecurityStore.com   

The Store has been in business for nearly 20 years and has gained a large amount of experience over that period of time - and can offer advice and information on almost any security concern.  There are over 200 items available – starting with the basics of personal security or self-defence, and includes items such as Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and Stun Guns.

Next, there is a large selection of Alarms that can protect your car, home, business, bike, etc. Surveillance Cameras have become very popular recently - and many types are available.  From the smallest spy or nanny cam to a complete 4 or 8 camera system for a home or business - it's all available, including the DVR for recording and playback.  WiFi Cameras have recently become very popular and allow you to remotely view your home or business on your mobile phone.  

The Store features a complete line of Streetwise Security Products - a leading manufacturer of self-protection products. They include high-quality Pepper Spray that will instantly repel an attacker – allowing time for one to make an escape.   Other items from the Streetwise brand include a wide selection of Stun Guns. Stuns Guns have improved greatly over the past several years - becoming more powerful and reliable, and yet remaining very affordable. Many of them now include a built-in flashlight and some are even disguised to look like a smartphone. 

The Safety & Security Store also carries a wide selection of products referred to as "Spy Gear." This includes covert cameras (aka nanny cams) that are available in many shapes and sizes -  including smoke detectors, clock radios, pens, etc.  Other spies related gear includes RF Detectors (designed to find hidden cameras or "bugs"), GPS tracking devices and Digital Voice Recorders. 

The Safety & Security Store is your one-stop shop for all your security needs. And, in addition to the products themselves, complete information is available on how to use the items. In this high tech world, it's invaluable to fully understand how a product works.

The Safety & Security Store  http://www.safetysecuritystore.com/

location:- 622 Baxter Ave., Louisville, KY 40204.

Phone: (502) 587-8273

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