Combat Counterfeit Money with Technologically Advanced Detectors

In the world of business, protecting yourself from risky situations and scam artists is an absolute necessity. Counterfeit money is one of the major threats faced by all businesses, especially for retailers and wholesale suppliers that accept hard currency as payment. For resolving this issue, US dollars are provided with a plenty of high-tech security features. If your employees have knowledge about these distinct features, there is a high probability that your firm will never have to deal with the consequences of fake money. Nowadays, most retail stores install quality counterfeit money detectors at their cash registers and train their employees for using such devices.
counterfeit money detector

Businesses that do not employ a proper solution for combating the issue of counterfeit money often have to bear heavy financial losses. By purchasing an up-to-date fake money detector, you can not only protect your money, but also avoid the occurrence of embarrassing clashes between customers and employees. Most companies opt for flash test bill detectors these days due to their simple intuitive operation and quick identification capability. The anti-forgery detection done by these devices are based on the following tests:-

Ink test
This is the most widely conducted test due to its quick and effective results. If you want fast and discreet results, this test is the best option for you.

Watermark test
The watermark present on all genuine dollar bills is an excellent criterion for identification. This test can be used for combating bleached currency without hassles.

UV strip test 
In this test, the detector uses concentrated UV LEDs for checking the location of security stripe embedded in the bills. These stripes are usually missing in forged dollars, which makes the identification process easy.

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