"I'm a real fan of the Safety & Security Store-it has met my needs for security products for over 10 years. The Personal Alarm that I carry helps me feel safe when I am out walking. You can get service and information at this store that you cannot get at a big box store or online" - Joan Noles, Louisville, KY

"I have known Nick Morris, owner of the Safety & Security Store, for nearly 20 years. He has always gone above and beyond to provide the products that I need for my business. His service is always top notch and you can count on him to do what he says he will do" - Ron Casamer, Nashville, TN

"The Safety & Security Store has always been able to meet my needs when it comes to security for my home. The Security Alarm I purchased for my front door will sound a loud alarm if someone should try to break in. I feel much safer at night - knowing that the door is protected" - Carolyn Whalen, Louisville, KY

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